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Simplify your mobile business operations and reduce your telecommunications costs by partnering with EnTelegent Solutions as your mobile device management outsourced provider.  Our wireless industry experts and custom mobile solutions help you manage all your enterprise mobile and wireless devices – including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Mobile Data Devices.  EnTelegent delivers a fully custom and branded wireless management solution that reduces the cost and time demand on your current support staff.

Wireless Support Services

EnTelegent Solutions Wireless Support Services deliver quality procurement and approval support to your end users while freeing your organizational resources with full business process outsourcing.  We help you control costs, track mobile device support activity and centralize management of purchasing and approvals and ensure compliance with service and equipment standards with our Purchasing and Business Process Outsourcing Services.  We enforce your custom approval policies and service standards to help you reach your organizational goals while controlling cost.

Wireless Help Desk

The key to an effective enterprise mobility solution for your company is providing quick and comprehensive end user support for the problems that inevitably arise with wireless devices.  EnTelegent’s Wireless Help Desk, staffed by industry experts and technicians, allows your authorized Smartphone, PDA and broadband card users to easily report technical problems, make service changes, and get answers to questions about your wireless policies, standards, and their mobile devices. Our US based support team includes industry experts in all wireless equipment and services including iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile.  We can also manage all your Blackberry Enterprise Servers, your Good Mobile Messaging system, and your ActiveSync activations.

Wireless Optimization

Reduce your wireless telecom and IT costs by optimizing and implementing easy to use controls for your wireless voice, data and equipment standards through our Wireless Expense Management solutions.  EnTelegent Solutions’ industry experts use your billing and usage data to identify savings opportunities.  EnTelegent will proactively add, change or modify usage plans to ensure maximum efficiency for your wireless spend. Our team will manage the process by reviewing your bills, identifying savings opportunities, contacting your carrier to have changes implemented and reporting to you the activity and saving.

We provide you with quarterly reporting which summarizes the savings we proactively implemented as well as optional opportunities we have identified for you to consider.  The wireless industry is complex and constantly changing.  Trust EnTelegent Solutions to help you maximize the value and benefit of your wireless investment.

Managed VoIP