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Audio Conference
EnTelegent Solutions offers a wide range of options for audio and web conferencing. Whether it is an on the fly conference call, web demo, or a need for operated assisted earnings call, we have the solution. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to organize and attend meetings. With the flexibility to meet online, you’ll be able to do more and travel less.

Anytime Audio - Reservationless Audio Conferencing
Enhance your remote collaboration and virtual events with crystal clear audio.  With EnTelegent Anytime audio conferencing, you can organize your conference call at any time of day without making a reservation.

  • Available 24 Hours a day
  • Available from anywhere in the world
  • Instant remote meetings hosting up to 125 participants
  • Available with Toll, Toll Free or Dial-out service

Anywhere Web Conferencing
Sharing a document or screen view with colleagues or external partners in real-time ensures nobody is left behind the message.   With EnTelegent Anywhere service, you can share documents, applications or your computer screen and even allow other participants to control your computer from a remote location. 
  • Work collaboratively on documents
  • Discuss project planning
  • Make sales presentations
  • Provide technical support
  • Share video
  • Includes VoIP Audio
Benefits of Anywhere Web Conferencing
  • Actively manage your conference from start to finish.
  • Queue questioners and poll participants.
  • Assist in solving any unforeseen issues.
  • Dial-out to participants or allow them to dial-in.
  • Periodically monitor the quality of all call connections.
  • Concentrate on the content and flow of your call without worrying about administrative details.
  • Brand your conference greeting to personalize your teleconference

Event Manager - Audio Conferencing Service

Event Manager combines the benefits and features of a traditional operator assisted audio conference with the speed and convenience of an automated conference, making your conferencing events even more productive and easier to manage. With exciting new features like advanced participant registration, customization of the registration website and enhanced online event reporting, you can better manage your conference events from start to finish.
With Event Manager, participants register online in advance of your event. After registering, participants receive a passcode and personal identification number (PIN). Participants are required to enter the passcode and PIN when they dial-in which uniquely identifies their presence and automatically joins them into the conference.

Other Services
EnTelegent offers additional specialty video and web collaboration services for unique business needs.  

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Managed VoIP

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