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SIP Long Distance

Enjoy the flexibility and affordability of next-generation services without the additional costs typically associated with IP telephony.  

Unlike many of the current IP services available today, EnTelegent’s SIP Long Distance doesn't require a large upfront investment in IP equipment.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get two T1 lines worth of call capacity on one circuit - permitting 46-48 channels of simultaneous calls.   You'll be able to experience high-quality inbound and outbound long distance calling, more included features, and lower costs while using your existing legacy phone equipment.

  • No large upfront investment
  • Two T1 lines worth of call capacity
  • More included features for less
  • Ability to keep your existing legacy equipment

Proactive Network and Device Management

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EnTelegent Fiber LIT Building Lookup Tool
High speed data services in thousands of buildings that are already fiber equipped. Check your service address against our fiber LIT building list. (click to download list)
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Cable Internet in the Largest US Cities
EnTelegent can bring you cable Internet service in all of the largest US cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Indianapolis, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, San Francisco and many more. We bring access to big company Internet while providing friendly, prompt customer support. Call us today.

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