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Wireless Internet, DIA, Ethernet, Cable, Broadband, DSL & More

Reliable Connectivity is the foundation of any successful organization. Regardless of your industry or business size, dependable and cost-effective Connectivity Solutions are essential to function at your best. Different Connectivity Solutions, including Wireless Internet, DIA, Ethernet, Cable, DSL, and Broadband, are widely available. If you are experiencing outages or other service issues or your current solutions are no longer cost-effective, reexamine your options with the help of one of EnTelegent Solutions’ experienced Technology Advisors.


Providing mission-critical, scalable Connectivity, DIA is a clear choice for businesses large and small. It offers speeds up to 10 GBPS through fiber or electronic hand-off to keep pace with even the most data-intensive operations. Our bundled router options and nationwide coverage make it easy to get up and running quickly. With DIA, you can be confident that your internet connection is supported by the very best in the industry. And with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in place, you can trust that our performance will always meet your expectations.

Cable, Broadband & DSL

When it comes to high-speed internet, there are many options out there. But if you’re in the market for high speed, you want to consider Cable, Broadband, and DSL. These technologies can deliver download speeds of over 1,000 MBPS and upload speeds of 50+MBPS. And if you need a static or dynamic IP, no problem. Asymmetrical data transmission is also possible, thanks to fiber and copper facilities. Plus, hybrid and mixed-access solutions, including broadband, ADSL, FIOS, ABF, and Coax options, are available nationwide. We know the choices can be overwhelming that’s why our Technology Advisors are available to assist you every step of the way.


Ethernet is one of the most reliable and efficient communication protocols available today. Ethernet can easily handle even the most data-intensive applications with bandwidths ranging from 2 MBPS to 100 GBPS. And with a broad range of endpoints available domestically and globally, connecting with suppliers, clients, and partners has never been easier. Switched Ethernet Service with Network on Demand allows for greater flexibility and scalability in your network architecture. Plus, five classes of service for traffic ensure that critical data consistently gets the priority it deserves. For point-to-point connections or three or more locations, Ethernet is an excellent choice.

Wireless Internet

When it comes to business internet, we understand that speed and reliability are crucial. That’s why we offer the latest 5G, 4G LTE and LTE-A wireless internet technology, combining fast speeds and industry-leading network bandwidths. Our multi-carrier, dual-SIM capable solution makes deployment a breeze, allowing for increased installation flexibility that ensures a successful first attempt. And with 24/7/365 post-installation support and onsite integration, you can be confident that we have your back. Our pooled pricing plans have one easy-to-read, easy-to-understand bill. Wireless Internet perfectly complements SD-WAN, Cable, and Broadband internet deployments.

Fixed Wireless Broadband

If you’re looking for a broadband internet service guaranteed to deliver, consider fixed wireless broadband. With 5 to 50 MBPS downloads, businesses can enjoy fast, reliable internet access even in hard-to-cover locations. With both symmetric and asymmetric speeds, this service offers flexibility and dependability. Plus, it can be a reliable backup for wired connections in the event of congestion or failure. With nationwide coverage and unlimited data transfer, you can count on fixed wireless broadband to keep you connected. Best of all, this service offers zero overage plans with a predictable monthly charge.


Are you seeking a reliable and secure network connection between your business locations? Look no further than MPLS. With speeds ranging from 5 MBPS to 1 GBPS, you can have dependable WAN connectivity nationwide. And with the option to add DIA for even more reliable internet access, you can trust that your business operations will stay up and running. With available Service Level Agreements, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the top-quality service you deserve.

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Managed Network Services

Upgrading your organization’s Connectivity can be daunting, especially if you need more resources to manage it in-house. That’s where Managed Services come in. EnTelegent Solutions is a leader in Managing and Monitoring Infrastructure, providing a high-quality NOCaaS option. Our team can serve as an extension of your organization in several ways, including our EnVision Life Cycle – IT and Telecom Expense and Activity Management and Mobile Device Support, as well as Global and Domestic Field Services. Let us help you take your organization’s Connectivity to the next level.

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