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Real-Time Network Agility

SD-WAN technology creates a virtual overlay of the physical WAN infrastructure, providing businesses with superior network management agility compared to traditional WAN. This inexpensive, flexible, and scalable solution allows for real-time changes and virtual connections based on rapidly changing business needs. EnTelegent Solutions offers a variety of SD-WAN options to choose from including ENCOMPASS SD-WAN, CISCO MERAKI, and FORTINET solutions.


ENCOMPASS SD-WAN provides a comprehensive solution for Enterprise, SMB, or “Work From Home” Connectivity that is simple and cost-effective. It is designed to eliminate costly downtime, increase productivity, and provide a seamless user experience (UX). It eliminates hidden costs and frees up resources, requiring no on-site IT effort. ENCOMPASS SD-WAN’s Multi-Link Aggregation combines DIA, broadband, MPLS, or LTE connections into a faster network with instant, seamless failover. It intuitively recognizes business applications and steers them through the best available connection while protecting voice and video calls from network congestion and preventing dropped calls on failover.


EnTelegent Solutions is both CISCO MERAKI and FORTINET certified. Each brand offers scalable SD-WAN options that are fast, reliable, and secure solutions. CISCO MERAKI is known for integrating seamlessly with existing network devices, offering IoT devices, and increasing “WFH” productivity. At the same time, FORTINET integrates well with SaaS technologies and has impressive Next Generation Firewall and virus detection capabilities. Both are excellent choices based on the Client’s needs and preferences.

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Better Business Outcomes

SD-WAN has tremendous potential when it comes to improving your business. It reduces your WAN expenses, the most significant line item on your IT budget, and increases your bandwidth. You can expect a cost reduction of 50% or more on average. It also safeguards your network with advanced threat protection to reduce security risks and offers PCI and HIPAA compliance. It’s easy to upgrade bandwidth, and intelligent application-aware routing always selects the best-optimized path for failover protection. SD-WAN will increase productivity and improve employee and customer experience through reliable application performance and availability. You’ll have a birdseye view with full network performance and health reporting.

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SD-WAN & Managed Infrastructure Sell Sheet

Move Your Network to the Cloud

Save money, increase bandwidth, safeguard your network and improve productivity with EnTelegent’s SD-WAN solutions.