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As technology evolves, the Manufacturing industry must embrace innovation to remain relevant and profitable. Technology advancements like cloud computing allow Manufacturers to streamline their operations, from production to logistics, and integrate IoT – all of which ultimately lead to greater profitability and a competitive edge.

We understand your Manufacturing technology needs.

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), reliable CONNECTIVITY has become a critical factor in streamlining operations. Solutions like ENCOMPASS SD-WAN can eliminate costly downtime, increase productivity, and provide a seamless user experience (UX) at the Enterprise level and for remote employees. MNS MONITORING solutions allow manufacturers to troubleshoot with ease proactively. If the Client needs more resources on staff at a particular location to address problems, GLOBAL FIELD SERVICES can provide support. At the same time, ENVISION LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT can control costs, consolidate billing, and offer both MOBILE DEVICE SUPPORT and MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT services. Finally, the Client can implement an ALL-IN-ONE POTS ALTERNATIVE to safeguard critical telecom lines for alarms, elevators, and more to protect the business and its personnel.


EnTelegent Solutions has extensive experience working with Manufacturers in the US and throughout the world.

Transform Your Business With EnTelegent Solutions

As a leader in the IT and telecom industry, we take pride in offering a comprehensive solutions portfolio strategically designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our Managed Services proactively monitor and maintain your systems, ensuring optimal performance at all times. At the same time, our proprietary AI-driven EnVision Life Cycle Management streamlines your operations and boosts productivity while providing a roadmap for upgrades, replacements, and refreshes. In addition, with our advanced Network Services, we can help you build a robust and secure infrastructure that supports your business goals. Whatever your needs, you can count on our straightforward, reliable, and professional services to seamlessly integrate with your business for enhanced efficiency and success.

EnTelegent Solutions understands the unique needs of our Manufacturing Clients. We recommend a core group of products and services tailored to meet those needs. These solutions include CONNECTIVITY, ENCOMPASS SD-WAN, MNS MONITORING, FIELD SERVICES, ENVISION LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT, MOBILE DEVICE SUPPORT, MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT, and our ALL-IN-ONE POTS ALTERNATIVE.

If you need help getting started, here are four suggestions to help guide you.

1. Assess your company’s current state.
Partner with an EnTelegent Solutions Technology Advisor and closely examine your existing infrastructure and determine what improvement opportunities exist.

2. Develop a roadmap.
Once you have identified what areas of your business need attention, developing a roadmap is next. Your Technology Advisor can outline the steps required to achieve your unique goals.

3. Plan your implementation and execute.
EnTelegent Solutions has experienced Project Managers who will work with your internal team to help you navigate any implementation challenges.

4. Manage and monitor post implementation.
Once deployed, ensure your solutions continue to function as expected. Monitor performance and contact your Technology Advisor or Project Manager if you need assistance.

Some of Our Recommended Manufacturing Technology Solutions


Industry-leading SD-WAN options (Encompass SD-WAN, Cisco Meraki, Fortintet, and more), End-To-End Management, Domestic/Global Field Services, and MNS Monitoring (5 Service Level Choices), to ensure uptime.


Feature-rich, “Work From Anywhere” communication that lowers costs, unifies employees and sites, ensures business continuity, and allows Clients to leverage Business Intelligence.


Clients keep existing devices, remain compliant, and SAVE money by transitioning business- critical POTS lines for Access, Alarms, POS, Fax Machines, and more.


Cost reduction and single point of administration/control for 3rd party providers, services, activities, and accounting.


Responsive support for WiFi-enabled devices (laptops, tablets, cell phones, and more), plus management of 3rd party MDM software.


Reliable, cost-effective Wireless, DIA, Ethernet, Cable, DSL, Broadband, and 4G LTE Backup.

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