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As technology continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of the Healthcare industry. Technology advancements like Telemedicine enable Healthcare providers to streamline processes, improve clinical decision-making, drive efficiency, and reduce operational expenses – all of which significantly impact the quality of care and profitability.

We understand your Healthcare technology needs.

Healthcare providers can enable more efficient communication and access to information through cost-effective, reliable Connectivity, Mi-Fi-enabled Mobile Devices, and even Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) solutions that support rural needs. By outsourcing Mobile Device Support, IT and Telecom Expense and Activity Management, and Managed Network Services Monitoring, Healthcare organizations can free up internal IT and Accounts Payable resources to focus on mission-critical priorities while reducing costs. Overall, continued IT and Telecom innovation will empower the healthcare system to deliver better outcomes faster and more efficiently.

If your organization needs help figuring out where to start your technology transformation, here are four ways to begin.

 1. What’s the Quality and Consistency of Your Current Connectivity Solutions?
One of the first ways Healthcare providers can begin their technology transformation is by ensuring they have a reliable and fast internet connection. Work with a Technology Advisor to determine which Connectivity solutions suit your organization and look into backup options to safeguard critical Connectivity during outages.

 2. Does Your Staff Have the Right Tools to Stay Connected in the Field?
If you have providers who work in multiple locations or travel frequently, consider implementing a Mi-Fi solution. Mi-Fi can be as simple as adding a multi-carrier SIM card to your staff’s wireless devices to ensure seamless Connectivity from anywhere.

 3. Do you have Rural, Isolated, or Temporary Connectivity Needs?
A vSIM technology, Connectivity-As-A-Service (CaaS) Solution, may be beneficial. This type of Solution is ideal for Travelling Nurses, Home Healthcare Aides, Mobile Clinics, and more.

 4. Do You Have Limited Internal IT Resources?
Expense & Activity Management, Mobile Device Support, and Managed Network Monitoring Services can be beneficial if you’re short-staffed or need more specific expertise. These solutions can help providers track costs, monitor activity, manage budgeting and support from one central location,n or monitor your network to ensure business-critical continuity.


EnTelegent Solutions has experience working with Home Healthcare organizations, Diagnostic Service Providers, and more.

Transform Your Business With EnTelegent Solutions

As a leader in the IT and telecom industry, we take pride in offering a comprehensive solutions portfolio strategically designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our Managed Services proactively monitor and maintain your systems, ensuring optimal performance at all times. At the same time, our proprietary AI-driven EnVision Life Cycle Management streamlines your operations and boosts productivity while providing a roadmap for upgrades, replacements, and refreshes. In addition, with our advanced Network Services, we can help you build a robust and secure infrastructure that supports your business goals. Whatever your needs, you can count on our straightforward, reliable, and professional services to seamlessly integrate with your business for enhanced efficiency and success.

EnTelegent Solutions understands that the Healthcare industry has unique technology needs that require innovative solutions. We offer a core group of IT and Telecom Business Solutions designed to deliver seamless Connectivity. From ENTELE-SIM multi-carrier solutions to UNIVERSAL CONNECT enterprise-grade routers, vSIM Mobile Hotspots, EnVision Life Cycle Management, Mobile Device Support, and MNS Monitoring, with EnTelegent Solutions, you can focus on what matters most – patient care. Let us help you take your Healthcare organization to the next level.

Some of Our Recommended Healthcare Technology Solutions


Industry-leading SD-WAN options (Encompass SD-WAN, Cisco Meraki, Fortintet, and more), End-To-End Management, Domestic/Global Field Services, and MNS Monitoring (5 Service Level Choices), to ensure uptime.


For rural, isolated, or temporary/seasonal connectivity, Enterprise-grade routers and optional Hotspots bundled with “Work From Anywhere” domestic and international 5 GB – 1 TB Access.


Reliable, cost-effective Wireless, DIA, Ethernet, Cable, DSL, Broadband, and 4G LTE Backup.


Multi-Carrier, Single-SIM “Work From Anywhere” solution that delivers the best signal strength from 5 domestic and 600+ carriers globally with the simplicity of 1 Contract and 1 Invoice.


Responsive support for WiFi enabled devices (laptops, tablets, cell phones, and more), plus management of 3rd party MDM software.


Cost reduction and single point of administration/control for 3rd party providers, services, activities, and accounting.

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Nursing home, woman or doctor with tablet checking medical results, chart online or social media. Healthcare, tech and nurse caregiver help consulting with elderly patient in living room or bedroom.

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No matter what your IT and Telecom Technology needs are, EnTelegent Solutions enables technology transformation by empowering you to achieve your business objectives. We match your goals with the right business solutions, streamline processes, create transparency, and deliver best-in-class cost, performance, service, and support.

Nursing home, woman or doctor with tablet checking medical results, chart online or social media. Healthcare, tech and nurse caregiver help consulting with elderly patient in living room or bedroom.

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