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As the Hospitality industry evolves, technology has become a significant driver in increasing profitability. Cloud-based management systems have made it easier to streamline operations, reduce operating costs, and increase efficiency. To continue thriving, embracing the latest technology is no longer a choice but a necessary move to remain relevant and profitable.

We understand your Hospitality technology needs.

Integrating the latest IT and Telecom solutions allows the Hospitality industry to improve guest experience, streamline operations, and increase productivity. Utilizing cloud-based systems like EnTelegent Solutions’ SIMPLE HOSPITALITY, hotels and resorts can comply with Advanced 911 (RayBaum Act/Kari’s Law) and upgrade their calling capabilities to include features such as Disaster Recovery and Find Me/Follow Me Call Routing. Our ALL-IN-ONE POTS ALTERNATIVE can safeguard critical business lines like elevators and fire alarms. At the same time, our UNIVERSAL CONNECT hotspots can provide WI-FI Connectivity for guests and employees in remote areas of the property. These improvements enhance communication and safety and ultimately result in a better customer experience that is cost-effective and easier to manage. In a competitive market, these advancements can provide a significant advantage to businesses seeking to stand out and exceed customer expectations.

If you need help figuring out where to start, here are four ways we can help you succeed.

1. Review you current IT and Telecom setup.
What systems are in place? Are they up to date? Do they meet the needs of your business? Answering these questions will help you to identify areas for improvement.

2. Evaluate all your options.
Various IT and telecom solutions are available, and choosing the ones that best meet your needs and budget is essential. Consider factors such as cost, features, and scalability when making your decision.

3. Ask about the implementation process and what support is available.
You want to be certain implementation has minimal impact on business continuity and that you’ll have the support you need to quickly get your management and staff trained and up to speed.

4. Ask what post-sale support will be available.
Once you successfully implement a new IT and Telecom system and begin using it, you’ll want to monitor performance and make any necessary adjustments. Be certain you have post-sale support in place to help you get the most out of your investment.


EnTelegent Solutions has experience working with many of the country’s most well-known Hospitality clients.

Transform Your Business With EnTelegent Solutions

As a leader in the IT and telecom industry, we take pride in offering a comprehensive solutions portfolio strategically designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our Managed Services proactively monitor and maintain your systems, ensuring optimal performance at all times. At the same time, our proprietary AI-driven EnVision Life Cycle Management streamlines your operations and boosts productivity while providing a roadmap for upgrades, replacements, and refreshes. In addition, with our advanced Network Services, we can help you build a robust and secure infrastructure that supports your business goals. Whatever your needs, you can count on our straightforward, reliable, and professional services to seamlessly integrate with your business for enhanced efficiency and success.

EnTelegent Solutions understands the unique needs of our Hospitality Clients. We recommend a core group of products and services tailored to meet those needs. Our lineup includes state-of-the-art technology and communication systems that enhance efficiency and improve guest experiences. From reliable phone services, internet, and Wi-Fi Connectivity to SIMPLE HOSPITALITY Hosted Voice and UNIVERSAL CONNECT vSIM Hotspots, our solutions reduce costs while keeping guests happy, comfortable, and safe.

Some of Our Recommended Hospitality Technology Solutions


Easy, affordable, PMS Agnostic, Disaster Recovery, Advanced 911 (Ray Baum Act/Kari’s Law), Find Me/Follow Me Call Routing,and pay-as-you-grow minute bundles.


Reliable, cost-effective Wireless, DIA, Ethernet, Cable, DSL, Broadband, and 4G LTE Backup.


Clients keep existing devices, remain compliant, and SAVE money by transitioning business-critical POTS lines for Access, Alarms, POS, Fax Machines, and more.


Cost reduction and single point of administration/control for 3rd party providers, services, activities, and accounting.


Industry-leading SD-WAN options (Encompass SD-WAN, Cisco Meraki, Fortintet, and more), End-To-End Management, Domestic/Global Field Services, and MNS Monitoring (5 Service Level Choices), to ensure uptime.


For rural, isolated, or temporary/seasonal connectivity, Enterprise-grade routers and optional Hotspots bundled with “Work From Anywhere” domestic and international 5 GB – 1 TB Access.

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No matter what your IT and Telecom Technology needs are, EnTelegent Solutions enables technology transformation by empowering you to achieve your business objectives. We match your goals with the right business solutions, streamline processes, create transparency, and deliver best-in-class cost, performance, service, and support.

Couple of travellers proceeding inside of the hotel for a check-in while having their luggage deliverd by a porter

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