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Convenience Stores continue to adapt to the latest technology trends. A growing number are investing in self-checkout kiosks, mobile payment systems, digital signage, and improved network connectivity to enhance operations, customer experiences, and profitability. IT and Telecom investments allow Convenience Stores to achieve greater operational efficiency and attract new customers in an increasingly competitive retail landscape.

We understand your Convenience Store technology needs.

Convenience Stores can experience significant benefits from the latest IT and telecom technology. From easy-to-use, plug ‘n play Hosted VoIP phones to SD-WAN, and MNS Monitoring, embracing the latest IT and telecom technology can enhance operations and provide a better overall customer experience. With the newest technology, Convenience Stores can manage their inventory efficiently, streamline their sales process, and stay ahead of the competition.  You could save money by moving to a Hosted SIMPLIFIED VOICE solution that is simple to use, will prevent dropped calls, and will cut down on employee training time.

If you need help figuring out where to start, here are four ways to begin.

 1. Review your business phone lines and equipment.
Are you using traditional copper POTS lines, Hosted Voice, or a combination across all locations, and how complex are your phones?

 2. Consider installing or upgrading Your SD-WAN.
Modern SD-WAN solutions like ENCOMPASS SD-WAN intelligently prioritizes and steers business traffic to eliminate costly downtime, increase productivity, and provide a seamless user experience (UX).

 3. Think about the resources you have.
Do you have enough skilled resources on-hand to efficiently and cost-effectively support the on-site technical needs of your stores? Managed services such as Field Services can supply fully vetted, experienced technicians to ensure consistent support for any deployment or break/fix needs.

 4. What is your visibility into your network?
Our scalable, carrier-and vendor-agnostic MNS Monitoring platform supports over 250 manufacturers, systems, and device types, allowing maximum agility to match your evolving needs.


EnTelegent Solutions has experience working with many of the country’s most well-known Convenience Store clients.

Transform Your Business With EnTelegent Solutions

As a leader in the IT and telecom industry, we take pride in offering a comprehensive solutions portfolio strategically designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our Managed Services proactively monitor and maintain your systems, ensuring optimal performance at all times. At the same time, our proprietary AI-driven EnVision Life Cycle Management streamlines your operations and boosts productivity while providing a roadmap for upgrades, replacements, and refreshes. In addition, with our advanced Network Services, we can help you build a robust and secure infrastructure that supports your business goals. Whatever your needs, you can count on our straightforward, reliable, and professional services to seamlessly integrate with your business for enhanced efficiency and success.

We offer a core group of solutions catering to your industry’s unique needs designed to optimize operations and drive revenue growth. From Hosted Voice to SD-WAN, Field Services, MNS Monitoring, and more, EnTelegent Solutions is committed to providing flexible solutions to help Convenience Stores thrive. Count on EnTelegent Solutions for your specialized product and service Business Solutions requirements.

Some of Our Recommended Convenience Store Technology Solutions


Industry-leading SD-WAN options (Encompass SD-WAN, Cisco Meraki, Fortintet, and more), End-To-End Management, Domestic/Global Field Services, and MNS Monitoring (5 Service Level Choices), to ensure uptime.


Affordable Hosted Voice with modern calling features that includes unlimited local calling, auto attendant, ring groups, call queues, and easy hold/transfer/pick-up options.


Reliable, cost-effective Wireless, DIA, Ethernet, Cable, DSL, Broadband, and 4G LTE Backup.


Practical solution allows Clients to keep existing devices, remain compliant, and SAVE money by transitioning business-critical POTS lines for Access, Alarms, POS, Fax Machines, and more.


Responsive support for WiFi enabled devices (laptops, tablets, cell phones, and more), plus management of 3rd party MDM software.


Cost reduction and single point of administration/control for 3rd party providers, services, activities, and accounting.

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No matter what your IT and Telecom Technology needs are, EnTelegent Solutions enables technology transformation by empowering you to achieve your business objectives. We match your goals with the right business solutions, streamline processes, create transparency, and deliver best-in-class cost, performance, service, and support.

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